November 2020 - Present
Place Holder
May 2019 - August 2019
*Due to confidentiality, work done at General Motors can not be shared.* 
While at GM I was placed into the industrial design studio. I had the opportunity to spread my design skills across all the brands that General Motors has, specifically focusing on Cadillac. 
I pushed myself to collaborate with my peers this helped me learn how to take critique and apply it to my work in a meaning full way. I was given 3 projects while working for General Motors
January 2019 - May 2019
*Due to confidentiality, work done at Procter & Gamble can not be shared.* 
While in Cincinnati, I was placed on the Home Care team, specifically Swiffer. This internship gave me a better understanding of 3D rapid prototyping, as well as my first opportunity outside of school to design for a brand. 
The home Care team was located in the innovation studio, here it was possible to collaborate with different levels of designers. I was given 4 projects and picked up a 5th towards the end of my internship, all pertaining to the brand Swiffer.
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