As a designer I am always utilizing my skills to bring new concepts and ideas into completion, no matter how abstract they may seem. I love finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics. A favorite part of the design process for me is seeing my finalized ideas satisfy the needs of potential future users. 
A little background:
I kicked off my Industrial Design career in 2016 with my admission to College for Creative Studies in Detroit immediately after high school. In Spring of 2019 I pursued an internship with Proctor & Gamble in their Innovation Studio, with a focus on the brand Swiffer. Shortly after my P&G internship (3 days to be exact) I started a Summer internship with General Motors. I was able to gain experience working in the Industrial Design Studio focusing on projects for Cadillac.
After 2 internships, in Fall 2019 I decided to study abroad in Florence, Italy. I wanted more from my design career, I believed that moving across the world and completely submerging myself into a different culture would open my mind. What I received from this experience was even more than I had expected. 
I felt a push of sustainability, an understanding of many different cultures, and got to see design from a completely different lifestyle. This experience helped me become the designer I am today, it helped me see that when designing for people, everyone has their own way of life.
 After my time in Italy I moved back to Detroit to finish up my college career and graduate in May of 2020. The pandemic semester. 
Currently I am working for BISSELL in Grand Rapids in an Industrial Designer 1 position and have been there since Nov 2020. 
I am open to work and new opportunities. 
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